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A ROSE FOR THE PRINCESS - Class 6 First Language English Textbook Solutions

 UNIT – 9
Comprehension :

1.) Answer the following in a word or a sentence each.
a) Whom was the rose a gift for?
Answer: The rose was a gift for princess Jahanara.
b.) Why does the princess gift silk to Maqbool?
Answer: The princess was pleased with the rose that Maqbool had sent her, so the princess gave silk cloth to Maqbool as a gift.
c.) What is the reward Maqbool receives from the princess for taking her out?
Answer: Princess gifts the rose gardens of the Qila to tend for the rest of Maqbool’s life, as the reward for taking her out.
d.) What is the request that the princess makes to Maqbool?
Answer:  The princess requested Maqbool to send prasad when he visits the temple for the next time.
Answer the following in 2-3 sentences each:

a.) Dilruba tells Maqbool that she belongs to his family. Why does she say this?
Answer: Dilruba was one of the names of the roses which was given by Maqbool, so the maid, Dilruba says that she also belongs to the family of Maqbool.
b.) What is the condition Maqbool lays down before he agrees to take Panna out with him?
Answer: Maqbool tells Panna not to expect him to buy bangles or attar as he didn’t have any money to waste on it. This was the condition laid down before Panna.
c.) What explanation does Panna give to explain her statement, “ But then the roads were emptied for us.” What is the actual reason?
Answer: Panna told Maqbool that when she had visited the street before it was empty as she had accompanied with the princess. Since the royal princess was on the street, the roads were emptied.
d.) What punishment does the Commander give Maqbool? Why?
Answer: The commander asks Maqbool to leave for Sikandra and work at Akbar Badshahs’s tomb there.
“Because of you I have had one of the most enjoyable days of my life.” Write in your own words why the princess tells Maqbool so.
Answer: As a princess, Jahanara didn’t experience the delight in the streets that she experienced with Maqbool. When she visited Agra as a princess, the roads were emptied and she could not see the delight of the street. With Maqbool she even got a chance to visit Hanuman Temple and have prasad which was something that she had never experienced before. The princess, with Maqbool saw a different world, a world of happiness and delight.
f.) Describe Maqbool’s devotion to tending the garden.
Answer: Maqbool had deep affection for roses. He considered them as his family. He was very gentle with his roses and named each one of them with beautiful names. He took utmost care of the roses and gave them his love.
3.) Use the following phrases in sentences of your own:

1.) Won’t tell a soul    –    I promise you that I won’t tell a soul about your secret wedding.
2.) with a glint in her eyes   –   Kiran looked at his new Audi with a glint in his eyes.
3.) scrambles to his feet   –    When the thief saw the police, he scrambled to his feet.
4.) brand of humour.    –      Shardul has a great brand of humor.
4.) Match these words with their meaning.
a.) tended        –           3.) took care of
b.) dazed         –           4.) lost in thoughts
c.) scrambled   –           1.) Move quickly
d.) devastated –           5.) extremely shocked or sad
e.) abducted    –           2.) took away forcibly
5.) Yesterday you met Radha, a friend of yours. Here are some things Radha said to you. Tell your mother all that Radha said to you.
Stay with me when you come to Bengaluru.
(Radha asked me to stay with her when I go to Bengaluru)
I’m living in Bengaluru now.
Answer: Radha told me that she was living in Bengaluru then.
My father isn’t very well.
Answer: Radha said me that her father wasn’t very well.
My brother and Sita are getting married.
Answer: Radha told me that her brother and Sita were getting married.
I saw Latha in a party.
Answer: Radha told me that she saw Latha in a party.
I haven’t seen Mahesh recently.
Answer: Radha said to me that she hadn’t seen Mahesh recently.
I am enjoying my job.
Answer: Radha told me that she was enjoying her job.
I bought a new car last month.
Answer: Radha told me that she had bought a new car the previous month.
I’ll tell Sita I met you.
Answer: Radha told me that she would tell Sita that she had met me.
Writing :
6.) Write a message to be left for your sister, about a telephone call for her, when she was away. Your message should not exceed 50 words. Put the message in a box.
Dear Deepthi,
There is message from your classmate Abhinav. He told me that tomorrow Mrs.Srinivasan will be taking maths class at 9.00.a.m and you have to bring complete project for submission. The class may extend till 12 noon.

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