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I am the Land Poem - class 10 English text book solutions

 I am the Land Poem
Questions and Answers, Notes, Summary
Question 1.
Who do you think is the speaker of the poem?
The land/the earth is the speaker of the poem.
Question 2.
“I wait”, in line one suggests the feeling of
a) annoyance
b) patience
c) disgust
(Choose the right mood of the speaker)
Answer: (b) Patience.
Question 3.
In line 2 “you” is repeated. Do you think it refers to the same person? Who do you think that is?
Yes, it refers to the same person. The person is the man who exploits the land. (Earth)
Question 4.
Bring out the contrast between the reader and the speaker as suggested in lines 4, 5 and 6.
The contrast between the reader and the speaker are a man and the earth.
a) Man shouts earth lie patiently.
b) Man buys earth waits.
c) Man-made holes, the earth would stare.
Question 5.
“muddy holes” refers to
a) virtual holes in the land
b) intention of the speaker.
c) commotion created by the reader
Answer: a) virtual holes in the land
Question 6.
What does the phrase “car lot eyes stare” suggest? Try to imagine and draw, if you can, the picture suggested.
The phrase ‘car lot eyes stare’ suggests the perception as if the earth were staring with the lights of the car parked on it.
Question 7.
The poem introduces some types of people and things. Some actions associated with them are given below. Classify them appropriately as suggested in the poem.
Question 8.
Pick out the line from the poem that expresses the “self assertation” of the speaker.
The self-assertion of the speaker is “You cannot put a fence around the planet Earth”.
Read And Appreciate

Question 1.
“I wait”, is repeated five times in the poem. What quality of the speaker is highlighted with this repetition?
The patience of the earth is highlighted with the repetition of the word “wait” five times in the poem. Though the man exploits the land, the earth patiently tolerates man’s deeds. Here the Earth exhibits her patients which is unchallengeable. Her limit of patience is maximum.
Question 2.
The poem has figures of speech. One is given, “a chain-link necklace chokes me” is personification. Pick out one or two or more such figures of speech from the poem.
i) I am the land. I wait.
ii) You shout. I lie, patient.
iii) With muddy holes and car lot eyes, I stare.
Question 3.
The poem is not full of rhyming words. On the other hand, it makes us imag¬ine some pictures like soldiers shooting, children dancing. Pick out other images from the poem.
The images are
i) Carlot eyes tare.
ii) Someone tilling the earth
(iii) Someone (you) shouting.
Question 4.
“YOU CANNOT PUT A FENCE AROUND THE PLANET EARTH” Is this a tone of weakness or self- assertion? Discuss.
It is the tone of self-assertion. The land has all along been patient. It has hoped for the better. But when it sees that human behaviour is growing from bad to worse, it realises the need to be assertive and says with the strength that man cannot curtail the spirit of the earth.
Question 5.
Which line or lines do you enjoy reciting most? Give reasons for your choice.
Self- assessment by the student. eg: “You cannot put a fence around the planet Earth”.
Man cannot compare himself with the earth planet. There is a vast gap or difference between the two. When we recite these lines we can rejoice because it is a challenge for the self-assertion of the earth.
I am the Land Additional Questions and Answers
Multiple Choice Questions
Question 1.
“I am the land” was the poem written by
a) Marina
b) Marinade Bellagent
c) Liujude
d) Alexander Pope.
Answer: b) Marina de Bellagent
Question 2.
In this poem the speaker was
a) Nature
b) Man
c) Land/Earth
d) Woman
Answer: c) Land/Earth
Question 3.
Own means
a) ours
b) Yours
d) possess.
Answer: d) possess.
Question 4.
The person who tills the land is
a) Farmer
b) Soldier
c) Children
d) Man
Answer: a) Farmer
Question 5.
The person who comes with guns called as
a) Poet
b) Doctor
c) Author
d) soldier
Answer: d) soldier
Question 6.
The opposite of shout is
a) Shouted
b) Unshout
c) Whisper
d) Talk
Answer: c) Whisper
Question 7.
In the poem who waits
a) Author
b) poetess
c) Land
d) Man
Answer: c) Land
Question 8.
Here the children are
a) Dancing
b) Praying
c) Playing
d) Skipping
Answer: a) Dancing
Question 9.
The opposite of buy is
a) Bought
b) Sell
c) Sold
d) Buying
Answer: b) Sell
Question 10.
Who cannot put a fence around the planet earth?
a) Land
b) Earth
Answer: c)Man
Match the following:

1 – e
2 – f
3 – a
4 – b
5 – d
6 – c
Answer the following questions in a word or a sentence each:
Question 1.
Why and for whom does land wait?
The land does not wait for anyone. It just waits. It cannot do anything else but wait.
Question 2.
What do ‘muddy holes and car lot eyes’ refer to?
They refer to potholes and puddles.
Question 3.
Why was a chain-link necklace put around the land?
People who owned the land wanted to protect their property from trespassers and therefore might have put a chain-link necklace around the land.
Question 4.
When do the children dance?
When the land is tickled and bears fruits, grass and trees.
Question 5.
Mention the figure of speech in the line:‘I am the Land. I wait.’
Personification. The poet makes the inanimate land animate by making it the speaker.
Answer the following questions in 2-3 sentences each:
Question 1.
Comment on the line, “You say you own me.”
There is a note of irony here. Man thinks he owns the land. In fact he is the product of the land. The land should claim its right on him and not the other way round. Yet the selfish man thinks of the earth as his possession and takes the mother earth for granted.
Question 2.
What are the activities that go on over the land?
Man buys land, digs the land and plants trees, grows fruit on it. Children dance and play on land. Man also fences and makes boundaries over the land.
Question 3.
What quality of the land is highlighted in the poem?
As man continues to exploit the land, it watches everything patiently and waits for things to change. The land on and off has hopes for better things as good sensitive man plants and brings life to the land. But the joy does not last. Man chokes the land. But the land is resilient. It continues to wait. It is optimistic that there will be a change. It has faith in the goodness of people.
Answer the following questions in 6-8 sentences each:
Question 1.
What is the central idea of the poem ‘I am the Land’?
How does the poet show that the earth is an ocean of patience in the poem, ‘I am the Land’?
Answer: The poem ‘I Am the Land’ makes a powerful statement against man’s different ways of exploitation of the land. As a builder, as a consumer, as an urbanite and as a warmonger man continuously takes the land as his own and ill-treats it. The land watches everything patiently and waits for things to change. The land on and off has hopes for better things as good sensitive man plants and brings life to the land. When the land thus comes to life with trees, fruit, and grass, it’s rejoicing time for all. Children dance and someone sings. But the joy does not last. Man, in his role as a warmonger, chokes the land. But the land is resilient. It waits even now. But now it is assertive. It tells a man that he cannot fence the planet earth. The land continues to wait. But this time it waits to see if the man has taken the cue to change for the better. If a man still exhibits no common sense, it would be his lot to suffer.
Read the following extracts and answer the questions given below them:
Question 1.
“A chain-link necklace chokes me now.”
a) Who has put the chain link necklace?
b) Who does ‘me’ refer to?
c) Why was the chain-link necklace put there?
Answer: a) The chain link necklace has been put by the people who own the land.
b) Mother Earth.
c) People who owned the land wanted to protect their property from trespassers. Therefore they might have put a chain-link necklace around the land.
Question 2.
“Then someone
tickles me, plants life fruit”.
a) What does ‘tickle mean in the context?
b) How is it tickled?
c) What is the mood of the speaker in the statement?
Answer: a) Here ‘tickle’ means, ‘to plough the land’.
b) The land is tickled when the people plough the land, plant trees and grow fruits.
c) The mother earth watches patiently when the people plough the land, plant trees and grow fruits. It waits for things to change.
I am the Land Poem Summary in English
This is the poem categorized under ‘‘Nativity”. Here the poetess wants to describe the patience of the Earth. The Earth is Personified and like a mother, she can tolerate all sorts of violations. This is the first person Narrating poem. The poetess herself being the earth and says what are the things she had to tolerate. In the first stanza, she explains the man says he owned the earth she simply waits.
Is it possible to own the earth because it is a planet and who gave the rights to own her? But the earth will not dispute with the man, She would wait. The person shouted with rage then also the earth lie patiently. He says that he bought her still she waits. The man would exploit her making muddy holes and the lights of the parking vehicles but she would stare at these things. The farmer ploughs the land and grows the plants, trees crops, etc, The children would come and dance on the earth.
Someone comes and sings, The soldiers come with guns and put the fence it makes the earth to suffocate. The earth felt it very bad though she is suffocated she patiently waits. Though the mother earth suffers a lot, she can patiently tolerate and challenged the man that he cannot put a fence around the planet earth. Earth as a whole planet is very big and the man cannot put a fence and it is impossible for him. She can wait because she is the land (mother).

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