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The Concert-10th Standard 2nd Language English Notes

Prose -5 The Concert
Multiple choice questions:
Answer the following choosing the right option:
1) Pandit Ravi Shankar’s concert was arranged at
A .Shanmukhananda Auditorium. B. Gaganpur C. Pune D. Cricket stadium

2) Pandit Ravi Shankar is the maestro in playing
A. Tabla B.sitar C. Violin D.drum

3) The chance of life time for Anant was
A.To talk to Ravi Shankar B. to welcome Ravi Shankar his home
C. to be a part of concert D. To hear and see Pandit Ravi Shankar

4) The announcement in the newspaper that excited Smita was
A.there was a cricket match at wangde stadium B.Five men were killed in an accident
C. flower show had been arranged at the nearby park D. Pandit Ravi Shankar’s concert was arranged at Shanmukhananda Auditorium.

5) The known frightening truth to Smita was
A. her brother Anant was going to die of cancer B.she would be failed in the exam
C. The doctors would visit her home frequently D.she would go to concert with her father

6) The native place of Smita’s family was
A.Bombay B.Delhi C. Gaganpur D.Kolkatta

7) Anant’s guru was astonished because
A. Anant could compose his own tunes B. Anant was the fastest runner
C.Anant was good at Table Tennis D. Anant was going to die of cancer

8)Smita’s family used to stay in Bombay at
A. the hospital B. Aunt Sushila’s apartment in Bombay C.Resort in Bombay D. their rented house

9)The suggestion given by Aunt Sushila to Smita to feel better was
A. to walk in the park B. watch a movie C. play Sitar D. play tabla

10) The audience respected the Great master Pandit Ravi Shankar by
A. clapping loudly B. shouting slogan on him C. a standing ovation D. praying silently

11) The person who made a long boring speech at the concert was
A. the singer B. Ravi Shankar C .Allah Rakha D. A large moustachioed man

12) Smita wriggled through the crowd. Because she wanted to and see Pandit Ravi Shankar B.Meet the music band
C. congratulate Ravi Shankar D.Invite Ravi Shankar home

13)Who was a frequent accompanist to Pandit Ravi Shankar
A. Ustad Bismilla Khan B.Ustad Allah Rakha C. his friend D.His guruji

14)Who discouraged Smita to when She requested Ravi Shankar?
A. large moustachioed man B . Alla Rakha C. The audience D. Ravi Shankar.

15)Who suggested the time of concert?
A. large moustachioed man B . Alla Rakha C. The audience D. Ravi Shankar.

16) Who gave the consent to the home concert finally?
A. large moustachioed man B . Alla Rakha C. The audience D. Ravi Shankar.

17) Smita’s mother asked her to be silent because
A. her brother was ill and needed bed rest B. girls are not allowed to excitement in Indian families
C. she did not like noise D.they were in their Aunt’s apartment

18) Smita and her family had come to Bombay so that
A. the children get good education B. Anant could be treated at the cancer Hospital in the city
C. they can spend Holidays at their Aunt’s apartment D. they can attend the concert

19) Smita’s family came to Bombay with high hopes in the miracles of
A. modern Science B. God C.medicines D. modern surgery

Answer the following in two or three sentences (2 marks)
1) Smita on looking up the newspaper almost excited.Why did she react so?
Ans: smita and her brother Anant were learning sitar. she naturally liked Pandit Ravi Shankar , the greatest Maestro is Sitar. So Smita on looking up the newspaper almost excited.

2)Why do you think that Smita’s mother cautioned her not to make noise?
Ans : Smita on looking up the newspaper almost shouted with excitement.But her brother Anant was ill and suffering from cancer.She cautioned her not to make noise so that he could rest.

3) In What way was the truth frightening Smitha?
ans:Smita had seen the doctors had shaken their head seriously and spoken words that neither she nor her parents could understand.

4)Do you consider Anant a yalented boy? Jusstify with the support from the text.
Ans: Anant was only fifteen, and the best table-tennis playerin the school and the fastest runner.He was learning to play sitar.He was better than his sister Smita.He could compose his own tunes and astonished his guru.

5) What did the doctors at the cancer hospital suggest Smita’s parents?
Ans: the doctors at the cancer hospital suggested Smita’s parents to take Anant home, give him the things he likes,indulge him.

6) As Smita sat listening to the music,She was spellbound.But all the while,her mind was echoing something else.What was that?
Ans: Spellbound ,Smita listened to the unfolding ragas,but all the while her mind was planning to meet Ravi Shankar personally and share her felings about her brother’s plight.If possible she would like to arrange for home concert for her brother. That was a the chance of his life.

7) Did Smita tell what she had in her mind to the musicians? Who responded to her request immediately. What was the response?
Ans: Yes, Smita told the story of her brother who lay sick at home, and how he longed to hear them.
Pandit Ravi Shankar responded to her immediately and the concert was arranged at their home for Anant.

8) Do you think the response of the artists was unusual? If not, Why?
Ans: The response from the artists was unusual.They did not bother about about their busy schedule.They agreed to give the home concert.

9) The neighbours could not believe their eyes. Why do you think they felt like this?
Ans: Ravi Shankar and Ustad Allah Rakha were the great names in music.Such Persons came to their apartment block. Yhis was unbelievable to the neighbours.

10) Can you say that the concert was entertaining Smita.Justify your answer.
Ans: No, The concert was not entertaining Smita.Because she was feeling sorrow at the pathetic condition of her brother Anant.

11)Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Allah Rakha performed in the boy’s house. Do you think this was an unusual incident? If yes, give reasons.
Ans: Yes, This was an unusual incident. Ravi Shankar and Ustad Allah Rakha were the great names in music.Such Persons came to their apartment block for the sake of a sick boy at the death bed.

Extracts(3 marks)
Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow
1)“We mustn’t miss the chance, “he said. I’ve-I’ve –always wanted to hear him and see him.”
a)Who said this? Ans: Anant said this
b) who does ‘we’refer to? Ans: ‘We’refers to Anant and his family.
c) What is the chance here referred? Ans: The chance here refers to the last wish of Anant to see and hear Pandit Ravi Shankar.

2) “ This is not the last time they are going to play”
a) Who is the speker ? Who is spoken to? Ans: Anant’s mother is speaking to Anant.
b) Who does they referred here? Ans; They refers to Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Allah Rakha
c) Why did the speaker say so? Ans: Because Anant was a fan of Ravi Shankar.But he could not attend his concert as he was suffering from cancer.

3) ‘They had come with high hopes.’’They did not voice their fears’
a)What were the ‘high hopes’? Ans: The hopes of recovery of Anant from cancer.
b)Do you think their hopes would be filled? Ans: No, there hopes would not be fulfilled.Because Anant was suffering from cancer .
c)Doctors said something to the parents.were those words of hope or words of despair?
Ans : Those were the words of despair which the parents could not understand.
d) Who does ‘they ’refer to ? Ans: ‘They’ refers to Anant’s parents.

4) “Take him home. Give him the things he likes, indulge him”
a) Who said these words? Ans : Doctors who were treating Ananth.
b) Why did they say so? Ans : They knew that Anath had not many days live.
c) Did they bring him home ? Ans : Yes his parents brought him home.

5) “Panditji is busy man. You must not bother him with such requests.”
a) Who was bothereing Panditji? Ans : Smitha
b) What was her request? Ans : She requested Pandith Ravishankar to come to the house and play for Ananth.
c) Who said the above words? Ans : A large moustachioed man.

6) They could not believe their eyes. It is …… It is not possible!
a) Who could not believe their eyes? Ans : Neighbours of Aunt Susheela’s house.
b) What made them so ? Ans : Great Musicians Ravishankar and Ustad Alla Rakha had come to Ananth’s house to play.
c) Why could not they believe? Ans : Such a great musicians hardly come to anybody’s house to play.
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