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Science and Hope of survival-10th Standard 2nd Language English Notes

Prose 8- Science and Hope of survival
Multiple choice questions:
1.According to Keilis Borok The following cannot enjoy a higher income
A.doctors B.businessmen C.lawyers D.scientists

2.”A writer is not a writer merely a person who writes: a writer is a person who cannot live without writing.” this is a saying by
A. Keilis-Borok B.Rabindranath Tagore C.Leo Tolstoy D.A scientist

3.Science is an exciting adventure where major reward comes from
A.society B.scientists C. discovery itself D. every one

4.By science a Scientist cannot get
A.camaraderie B.independence D.freedom

5.The scientist Keilis Borok worked on
A.cold war B.nuclear weapons C.seismic waves D.biotechnology

6. The scientist Keilis-Borok was summoned by
A. the President of Russian Academy of Sciences B.the palace of Nations in Geneva
C.the President of America D.the President of United Kingdom.

7.In 1960,every man and child on the earth lived under the threat of annihilation by
A.cold war B. bombs C. great countries D.nuclear weapon

8. The technical experts were summoned to the Palace of Nations in Geneva to solve the problem of
A. nuclear weapon test ban B.nuclear test C.power politics D.annihilation

9. People trained in theoretical physics are head hunted by
A. scientific institutions B. financial institutions C. mathematical institutions D. educational institutions

10.Those who trained in biological research become founders and directors in
A.electronics industry B. Pharmaceutical industry C.large scale industry D. bio industry

11.According to Keilis-Borok The indispensable guardian and care taker of humanity is
A.nuclear energy technology C. science D.industrial growth

12.If you are so clever,why are you so poor? The professional addressed as ’you’ in the statement refers more than others to a B.scientist C. doctor D.businessman

13. The writer says,”I found myself in Geneva. ”It expresses ,more than anything else, the writer’s
A.pleasure B.surprise C.anxiety D.annoyance

14.”Immersion in science does not go with common sense,” suggests
A. foolishness of scientists B. absentmindedness of scientists
C.that scientists do not bother about the results of their work D.involve in only mathematical calculations

15.Which of the following qualities help the scientists to come up with a solution the problem.
A. self-assessment B.self-praise C.popularity D.self-discipline

16.The safety of the world can be best assured by
A.doctors B.businessmen C.lawyers D.scientists

Answer the following in two or three sentences (2 marks)
1. What reward do the scientists get? How are they different from lawyers, doctors and businessmen?
Ans: The discovery itself is the reward of the scientists. The scientists get lesser money than the lawyers, doctors and businessmen. But they enjoy freedom, camaraderie and independence.

2. Which are the two factors that cause Earth tremors?
Ans: The earth tremors are caused by two factors. 1. By the seismic waves during the earthquake 2. By the underground nuclear explosion

3. Write the subjects that come under the category of basic (fundamental) sciences.
Ans: The subjects that come under the category of basic (fundamental) sciences are: Antibiotics, electronics, biotechnology, synthetic fibers, green revolution and genetic forensic diagnosis.

4.What did the writer learn at the Geneva summit?
Ans:the writer at Geneva summit leant that the scientists have people for them all over the world.While there is science there is hope for survival and well-being of humanity.

5. Give a few examples to illustrate that scientists are the most practical people in the world?
Ans: All new technologies,all new brands of industry from defense to environment came from fundamental science.For example antibiotics, electronics, biotechnology, synthetic fibres, green revolution and genetic forensic diagnosis are all the gifts of basic science.

6.Who will be headhunted by financial institutions and pharmaceutical industries?Why?
Ans: The people trained in theoretical physics are headhunted by the financial Institutions. Those trained in biological research become founders and directors in Pharmaceutical industry. Because the knowledge of basic sciences help them to think and work practically.

7.What was the problem that the ‘nuclear powers faced?
Ans:The nuclear powers signed the agreement to stop the test of nuclear weapons. But the problem was that if any one violates the agreement by secret underground testing, then how to detect that was not known.

8.What was the important decision taken by the politicians before the Geneva Summit? How does it help for the survival of humanity?
Ans: The important decision taken by the politicians before the Geneva Summit was the Ban on nuclear weapon test. This would a hope for the survival of humanity as there will be no competition for developing nuclear weapons.

Extracts(3 marks)
Read the given extracts and answer the questions that follow:
1. “It turned out that this problem had a direct connection with the theory of seismic waves.”
A. When did this ‘problem’ arise? Ans: This problem arose during the Geneva Summit.
B. What is the ‘problem’ referred here? Ans.: The ‘problem’ referred here is how the three powers could detect the violation of agreement.
C. Which waves were almost same as seismic waves? The waves produced from the underground nuclear explosions.

2. The three nuclear powers were willing to come to an agreement.
A. Who were the three nuclear powers? Ans.: Soviet Union, United States and United Kingdom.
B. What was the agreement? Ans.: The three nuclear powers were willing to come to an agreement putting a ban on the nuclear weapon test.
C. Why were they ready to agreement? Ans : To save the humankind.

3. At that time every man, and child on the Earth lived under the threat of annihilation?
A. What caused this thread? Ans.: Nuclear weapons
B. Why did everyone live under the threat?
Ans.: Because each super power nation seemed stronger than the other as far as nuclear weapons were concerned.
C. What steps did the three powers take to avoid threat? Ans : They decided to put a ban on nuclear weapon test.

4. “My theoretical knowledge had a direct application in the area of survival of humankind”
A. In which field did the author, Borok, have theoretical knowledge? Ans.: The author had theoretical knowledge in seismic waves.
B. How would it have a direct application in the area of survival of humankind? Ans.: Underground nuclear explosions produced earth tremors like those generated by earthquakes. With his knowledge, the author would know the difference between the two.
C. How would author’s theoretical knowledge be helpful? Ans: This would help in checking the violation of the Nuclear Test Ban agreement.
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