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“I am the land”-10th Standard 2nd Language English Notes

Poem -3“I am the land”

Multiple choice questions
1. The speaker uses the phrase “I wait” in the poem to show her
A.disgust B. annoyance C.patience e D.anger

2. The earth stares with
A.‘car lot eyes’ B.dark eyes C.angry eyes D. merciful eyes

3. Then ‘someone tickles me‘ says the earth refer to
A. mining of the earth B. digging the earth for selfish activities
C. Joking the earth D.the farmers ploughing the earth.

4. Man has fenced between the countries. But the earth feels at the fence between the countries as
A. a beautiful garland to her B. Protection to her property
C. mischief of man D.chain link necklace choking her

5.The line from the poem” I am the land ” which expresses the self assertion of the earth is
A. I am the land, I wait B. You come with guns

6.Who does ‘you’ refer to in the poem ’I Am The Land’?
A. people B. farmers C.soldiers beings

7. ”A chain link necklace chokes me”- The figure of speech employed here is
A. personification B.metaphor C. simile D.synecdoche

8. “muddy holes” refers to
A.virtual holes in the land B.intention of the speaker C.commotion created by the reader D.holes full of mud

9. In the poem “” I Am The Land ‘ the line ‘car lot eyes’ refer to
A. ploughing of the earth B. light reflected by the earth C. Moon light reflected by the earth
D. Perception as if the earth were staring with the lights of the car parked on it

10. The speaker in the poem ‘I am the Land ’ is
A. The sun B.The moon C. A woman D. The earth

Answer the following questions in two or three sentences(2 marks)
1. What does the phrase “car lot eyes stare” suggest?
Ans: It is a perception as if the earth were staring with the lights of the car parked on it.This line is an imaginary perception to the planet which has no light of its own.

2. Pick out the line from the poem that expresses “self assertion of the speaker”
Ans: “ YOU CAN NOT PUT A FENCE AROUND THE PLANET EARTH” This line suggests the self assertion of the poem.

3.”I wait” is repeated five times in the poem. What quality of the speaker is highlighted with this repetition?
Ans The repetition of “I wait” highlights the self assertion of the speaker (the earth). It also emphasizes the patience of the earth.

4. List the figures of speech “personification ” used in the poem ”I am the land”
Ans : I wait , I lie patient, car lot eyes I stare, Someone tickles me, A chain link necklace chokes me now.

5. Pick out the images from the poem “I Am The Land”
Ans : Car lot eyes stare , someone tilling the earth , planting trees, children dance and sing, soldiers with guns shooting, fencing between the countries.

6. Which actions of man are tolerated by the earth?
Ans: The farmers ploughing the earth and plants life that give fruits, grass, trees etc.the children play under these trees. These actions are like tickling to the planet earth.
7.How is the action of soldiers affect the earth?
Ans: the soldiers come with guns and shoot from their country to their enemy country.They put fence between the countries.This affect the earth with the choking.The fence appear to be the choking necklace.

Extracts(3 marks)
Read the extracts and answer the questions that follow:-
1)”You say you own me,I wait”
A) Who does ‘You’ and ‘I ‘refer to? Ans: ‘You’refers to people. ‘I’refers to the earth.
B) What is owned here ? Ans: People own the earth.
C) How does the person wait? Ans: The earth waits with patience.

2)”You shout, I lie patient .You buy me,I wait with muddy holes”
A) Who is shouting here? Ans:The people are shouting.
B) Who is lying patiently? Ans : the earth is lying patiently.
C) What does muddy holes and car lot eyes refer to? Ans: Muddy holes refer to the virtual holes on the earth.

3)”Then someone tickles me, plants life…fruit…grass….trees.”
A) Who does ‘someone’ refer to? Ans: ‘Someone’ refers to the farmers.
B) Who is ticked? Ans: The earth is tickled by the farmer.
C) What is the effect of that tickling on it? Ans : It is making the earth smile with a number of plants flowers, fruits and trees.

4)”You come with guns a chain link necklace chokes me now.”
A) Who came with guns? Ans: The soldiers came with guns to fight against their enemies.
B) Who is choked here? Ans; The earth is choked by the war mongers.
C) What does ‘chain link necklace’ mean? Ans : The fence between the nations is like a necklace around the neck of the earth.

A) Who cannot put fence around the earth? Ans:People cannot put fence around the earth.
B) What is the mood of the speaker expressed here? Ans: The earth is in a mood of self assertion.
C) Why can not we put a fence around the around? Ans : The earth round and it is almost covered with water.

Essay type question (4 marks)
Write the summary of the poem” I am the land”
Ans: The poem ’I am the Land’ is written by Marina de Bellagenta. In this poem the earth speaks to the people. The people buy the land and say they own it .They shout but the earth lies patiently.The earth imagines itself with muddy holes and cars parked on with lights on as its staring eyes.
The happiest thing that the earth feels is that the farmers ploughing the earth ,plant trees, grow fruits,flowers,children play and birds sing.The earth shares its unhappy feeling that the soldiers fight against other country soldiers.They put fence between the nations.But they do not know they are choking the earth with the smoke from the wars.The fence looks like a chain link necklace that chokes the earth.Finally the earth asserts that men can put fence between the countries but not around the earth planet.The poem conveys universal brothehood.
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