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Gentleman of Rio en Medio-10th Standard 2nd Language English Notes

Prose -3 Gentleman of Rio en Medio

Multiple choice questions
1). It took months of negotiation to come to an understanding with the old man. This shows that the old man was
a) understanding b) quick c) unhurried d) witty

2).The old man came to the office to
a) meet the lawyer b) meet the Americans
c) sign the sale deed d) argue that he was the owner of the land

3).The old man was accompanied by
a) his friends b) parents c) people d) a dark young man

4).Behind him walked one of his “innumerable kin”. The word “innumerable kin” means that the old
man had a number of
a. children b.trees in his orchard c. relatives d. followers

5). The old man in his coat looked like
a. Senator Catron b. lawyer c. an American d. Spanish

6). The old man removed his hat gloves slowly and carefully. This action is compared to
a.Hero b. an old man lord d.Charlie Chaplin.

7).The young man who accompanied the old man had eyes like
a. lotus b. gazelle c. fish d. clear sky

8).The old man carried a cane which was actually
a. stick b. steel rod c. a skeleton of a worn-out umbrella d. stylish stick

9).The old man wore a coat named
a. Farmer’s coat b. Spanish coat c. rain coat d. Prince Alberts

10). Which of the lines from the text that suggest that the old man was a farmer?
a. he loved trees b. he planted trees for children
c. He tilled the same land they had tilled d. he loved his people

11) How did the old man greet the people who had been waiting for him?
a. saluted them b. removed his hat c. shook hands all of them d. bowed to all of them

12) The old man removed his hat and gloves carefully because
a. he was afraid that they would be torn. b. It was his usual style
c. he was old and weak d. To respect all who assembled

13).In the first meeting of the old man and the Americans,They talked about rain and the old man’s large family.It was mock his large family b. a custom of the Americans prepare every one for the main talk make everyone know that it had not rained in that area

14)The old man had agreed to sell twelve hundred dollars his house and land for twelve hundred dollars.
a. twelve hundred dollars b. twelve thousand dollars
c. twelve hundred rupees d. twelve hundred pounds

15)The story teller respected the old man by saying
a. good morning b.Don Anselmo c. hello d. Sir Anselmo

16)According to the engineer the old man owned the land
a. four acres b. eight hectares c. more than eight acres d. eight acres exactly

17)Don Anselmo took only 12 hundred dollars for the land finally because
a. the story teller failed to convince Don Anselmo to take more money than what had agreed b.Don Anselmo was a man of principles.
c. It cost more than that amount d. he sold only the land, not the trees

18)It took a week to arrange another meeting because the old man
a. deliberately delayed b. was slow c. was not in the station d. was ill

19) Don Anselmo says,”The Americans are good people”.Because he wanted to
a. appreciate them b. mock at them c. express his sincere feelings d. flatter them

20) Why did the old man sell his house and land to the Americans? Because,
a. the Americans were good people b. he needed money
c. He did not like the land d. his house was old

21) Don Anselmo sold his land but he didn’t sell his
a. house b. land c. trees in the orchard d. fruits in the orchard

22)The children of Rio en Medio were Don Anselmo’s
a. Sobrinos and nietos. b. grandchildren c. friends d. share holders

23)Don Anselmo inherited the house from
a. his granny b. relatives c. his mother d. his father

24) According to Don Anselmo, The real owners of the trees were
a) Don Anselmo himself b) the Americans c) The story teller d) the children of Rio en Medio

25)Don Anselmo did not sell the trees .Because
a. Trees were like children to him b.They were grown for the children of next generation
c. He had grown them in memory of his ancestors d . He wanted his surroundings to be green

26) Legally saying the trees should belong to
a.Don Anselmo b.the Americans c. the children of Rio en Medio d. The story teller

27)What did Don Anselmo do as he left the place with money? He
a .The The old man shook hands all around b.said goodbye
c.thanked them for purchasing his land d.offered them dinner

28)The Gentle man Don Anselmo was very fond of
A. children B. money C. the land D. dress

Answer the following in two or three sentences (2 marks questions)
1).How do you say that the ancestors of the old man lived in Rio en Medio?
Ans: The old man lived in Rio en Medio where his people had been for hundreds of years.He tilled the same land they had tilled.

2). Describe the old man’s house and his orchard.
Ans: The old man’s house was small and wretched, but quaint. The little creek ran through his land. His orchard was gnarled and beautiful.

3). Describe the old man’s appearance and his social/living condition. Or
Don Anselmo’s appearance and manners were quite unsual.How do you support this statement based on the text?
Ans; The old man wore an old, green and faded coat. He wore old and torn gloves. He wore a hat. He was just looking like Charlie Chaplin.

4.Why do you think the story teller spoke Spanish?
Ans :The story teller spoke Spanish because he was the native of New Mexico which was a colony of Spain. Spanish was the language of some people of New Mexico.

5.Why did the story teller offered the old man almost the double of what he had quoted earlier
Ans;The story teller sent the surveyor and the engineer to survey the old man’s land.He discovered that the old man owned almost twice the land (more than eight acres).The old man did not know this.But the Americans were honest.So the story teller offered almost twice (double) of what he had quoted earlier.

6.What was the reaction of the man to the story teller’s offer? or
Don Anselmo’s reaction to the offer of more money was not expected. Justify this statement.
Ans: The old man became angry and felt offended. He refused the story teller’s offer. He took only 12 hundred dollars as in the deed and signed the agreement.

7) How the Americans renovate the house and the land bought by Anselmo?
Ans: The Americans re plastered the old house, pruned the trees and patched the fence.

8) Why did the Americans complain the story teller on the old man?
Ans; The Americans complained the story teller that, the children of the village were running around the land, playing in the orchard, putting fences around their play area, plucking the flowers from the trees, laughing whenever they were spoken to and speaking harsh words to the Americans in Spanish.So they could not enjoy their property.

9) Don Anselmo repeated certain things whenever he met the story teller and took leave of him.Write them down.
Ans: a) the old man shakes b) wore the same old, green and faded coat
c) wore the same ragged gloves d) accompanied by a dark young boy
e) carried the cane (a worn-out umbrella) f) sat down with the boy behind his chair g)talked about the weather

10). Whose argument do you agree with? Don Anselmo’s or the story tellers? Give reasons.
Ans: I agree with the story teller’s argument. Because legally the Americans were the real owners of the trees as the old man signed the sale deed.
I agree with the old man’s argument. Because the old man planted trees for the children of the village and they were the real owners.He could        not sell them.

11). Don Anselmo was passionate about his land the children of Rio en Medio.Which details in the text support this statement? Write them.
Ans: Don Anselmo planted a tree for every child born in Rio en Medio. He thought they did not belong to him but to the children.He grew trees for the next generation of Rio en Medio.

12. How was the problem of ownership was resolved by the Americans?
Ans: The Americans bought the tree in the orchard from the descendents of Don Anselmo.It took a long time because they purchased from each individual of Rio en Medio.

13. Why did the Americans want to buy Don Anselmo’s land?
Ans: Don Anselmo’s land had a good water source as the little creek ran through the land. His orchard was beautiful and his house was quaint.

Extracts(3 marks)
Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow:
1)“It took months of negotiation to come to an understanding with the old man.”
a) Who is the old man here? Ans : Don Anselmo
b) Who did the old man negotiated with? ans: The old man negotiated with the Americans.
c) What were the terms of negotiation?
Ans: The old man had agreed to sell his house and land to the Americans for twelve hundred dollars.
d) Why did the negotiation take long time? Ans: Because the old man had a lot of time and he was in no hurry.

2)“They are good people and they are willing to pay you for the additional land as well.You will get almost twice as much”
a) Who are the good people referred here? Ans:The Americans are referred to as good people.
b) Who calls them good people? Ans :The author Juan A.A.Sedillo calls them so.
c)Why are they offering twice the amount? Ans: The Americans found that Anselmo owned more than eight acres of land almost double of        what was mentioned in the deed.

3)“I know these Americans are good people”
a) Who is the speaker? and why does he call them good people? Ans: Don Anselmo is the speaker and he calls the Americans good people as      he was a gentle man.
b)What did he sell them and how much did he offer? Ans: The old man Anselmo sold them his house and land for twelve hundred dollars.
c) Why did he feel insulted? Who insulted him?
     Ans: The author and the Americans offered twice the amount as in the deed .But Anselmo was an honest and a gentleman. He did not want more       than the deed amount. So he felt insulted.

4)”Finally he signed the deed and took the money but refused to take more than the amount agreed upon.”
a) Who argued with whom?Ans: the author argued with the old man Don Anselmo.
b) What was argued with him?Ans: He argued with him to take the extra amount for the extra land possessed by Anselmo.
c) Why did he refuse to take the extra amount? Ans: Anselmo was an honest and a gentle man of Rio en Medio.He was a man of principles.

5)”One day they came back to the office to complain. The children of the village were overrunning their property”
a) Who complained to the office? Ans: The Americans complained to the office.
b) What was their complaint? Ans:Their complaint was that the Children of Rio en Medio were over running their property.
c) What is the property referred here? Ans: The property refers to the land purchased by the Americans

6)“They are good people and want to be your good neighbours always.”
a) Who spoke these words? Who are called good people here? Ans: The author called the Americans good people.
b) Who is he speaking to? Why does he speak so?
      Ans: He is speaking to Anselmo. Because he wants Anselmo to avoid the children of Rio en Medio overrunning their orchard.
c) Who are the neighbours referred here? Ans: The Americans

7)“This was bad ,Don Anselmo,I pleaded”
a) Who said this? Ans: The author said this
b) To whom it was said ? Ans : To Don Anselmo.
c) Why did he say so? Ans: Because He said that he did not sell the trees on the orchard. This was bad according to law.

8)“I have planted a tree for that child.The trees in that orchard are not mine,they belong to the children of the village.”
a) Who planted trees? Ans: Don Anselmo planted trees for the children of Rio en Medio
b) Why did he plant trees? Ans: Because he loved the children as well as the trees.
c) Why did not the trees belong to him? Ans: Because the children of Rio en Medio were the real owners of the village.

Long answer type questions (4 marks)
1) Don Anselmo’s appearance and manners were quite unusual. How do you support this statement based on the text?
Ans: Don Anselmo was the oldest man of the village Rio en Medio. He was honest and gentle. His house was small but quaint. His orchard was beautiful and gnarled. His coat was old, green and faded. He wore gloves. They were old and torn and his finger tips showed through them.He carried a cane which was only the skeleton of an old umbrella. He removed his hat and gloves slowly which appeared like the style of Charlie Chaplin.

2)Don Anselmo’s passion for his land and the children of Rio en Medio were appreciable. Substantiate this statement in the textual support.
Ans: Don Anselmo was a gentleman and the oldest inhabitant of Rio en Medio.He took possession of the property from his mother. Since then he began to plant a tree for every child born in Rio en Medio.This shows that he loved the children,trees and his land.Growing trees for the coming generations is an extraordinary service to one’s service to humanity also.Even when he sold the land to the Americans,he argued that he was not the real owner of the trees. This shows that he was passionate about his land and children of Rio en Medio.

3) Don Anselmo and the Americans were generous in their own ways. Comment on this.
Ans: Don Anselmo was a generous his way. He had agreed to sell his house and land for twelve hundred dollars. When the surveyor found that he possessed twice the land as mentioned in the deed the Americansoffered twice the amount as mentioned in the deed .This shows that the Americans were generous. But to their surprise Anselmo refused to take the extra money for the extra land.This shows that Anselmo was also generous.when Anselmo said that children of Rio en Medio were the real owners of the trees in the orchard and he did not sell them ,The Americans showed the generous behavior by buying from every child of the village
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