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THE STORY OF HUMANS-10th Science Learning Cards



Learning Card-1

Choose the appropriate one:

1. In the year 1859, Charles Darwin, a scientist published a book called………………

(a) Unto the last (c) My experiments with truth (b) King Lear (d) The Descent of Man

2. The most reliable and direct evidence for evolution comes from the study of ……………………..

(a) Monuments (c) Fossils (b) Coins (d) Epics

3. Modern apes are presumed to have evolved from ………………….

(a) Dryopithecus (c) Zinzanthropus (b) Ramapithecus (d) Australopithecus

4. ……………………….. Published the book ‘theory of natural selection.

(a) Sir lsac Newton (c) Alexander Fleming (b) Charles Darwin (d) J. Gregor Mendal.

5. The most reliable and direct evidence for evolution comes from the study of…………………

(a) Text books (c) Fossils (b) Biographies (d) Epics

6. Eskimos are…………………..

(a) Caucasoids (c) Capoids (b) Australoids (d) Mongaloids

Anwer the following Questions:

1. We are all observing a great diversity on the planet earth. What process is responsible for this Diversity?

Organic evolution

2. Who gave the most accepted explanation about the mechanism of organic evolution?

Charles Darwin

3. What is the name of the book published by the scientist charles Darwin? And in which year?

The Descent of man

4. Where do we get evidences of evolution of man?

By studying fossils.

5. Write the name of the ancestor of apes.


6. Name the oldest known fossil skull of the genus Homo.

Homo habilis

7. Which are the two important forms of Homo erectus

Java man and

8. To which species does modern man belong to?

Homo sapiens

9. What is the name of the earliest form of Home sapiens?

Neanderthal man

10. Write the five races, identified among different groups of humans.

Caucasoids, Mongoloids, Congoids, capoids, and Australoids

III Give reason in only one sentence

1. The earliest form of Homo sapiens is commonly known by the name Neanderthal man.

The first fossil of Neanderthal man was discovered in the Neanderthal valley of Germany. That is why the name Neanderthal man.




Learning Card-2

Choose the appropriate one:

1. The great diversity on the planet earth is due to........

a. Social revolution b.dense population c. organic evolution d. atmospheric pollution

2. Recent studies have indicated that the blood pigment haemoglobin of man and gorilla differ in ……..... amino acid.

a. three c.two d.four

3. In the word Ramapithecus, pithecus means..............

a.ape c. elephant

4. Australopithecus means.................

a. Southern apes b. Western apes c. Eastern apes d. Northern apes

5. Javana man and Peking man are the two groups belonging to......................

a. Dryopithecus b. Homoerectus c. Australopithecus d. Zinzanthropus.

Answer the following question:

1. What has been suggested in the book “The Descent of “an” written by charles Darwim?

In the book “The Descent of Man, Charles Darwin has suggested that human beings evolved from montoys.

2. Write the important characteristics of primates?

* Primates have a distinct face.

* Most of the skull is posterior to the eyes.

* Capable of binocular vision.

* Free movement of the digits is possible and the thumb can oppose other digits.

* Claws are modified into nails, and there is enlarged brain.

* Generally only one offspring in each pregnancy and only two mammary glands to nourish offsprings

3. How is binocular vision possible in primates?

Binocular vision is possible because the eyes are directed forwards.

4. Write the abilities of Zinzanthropes form of pre-humans?

Zinnanthropus type of humans had stronger and straighter legs and upright posture was possible. This form could focus its eyes on objects which it could hold, it was also able to manipulate objects with the help of flexible hands.

5. Write the differences between cromagnon man and modern man.

Cromagnon man had a large stature. He was active and intelligent. He used finely chipped stone arrows and spear points and was able to tame animals. But modern man is culturally very much advanced. He is capable of thinking, memorizing, speaking, reading and writing. Also he has developed science and technology using his intelligence.

6. How are Mongoloids different from caucasoids?



light skin, blue or dark brown eyes

yellowish or reddish skin

high ridged nose with narrow nostrils

fairly thick lips and wider

hair is straight or wavy

Hair is straight.

live in Europe, India & America

live in China, Japan, Mongolia, Malaysia also includes, Eskimos & American Indians



Learning Card-3

Choose the appropriate one:

1. In the year 1859, Chrles Darwin, a scientist published the book…………

a) Unto the last b) King Lear

c) My experiments with truth d) The descent of Man.

2. Homo habilis evoled into a more modern form of humns called…………

a) Dryopithicus b) Homoerctus c) Rama pithecus d) Zinzanthropus.

Answer the following questions:

1. To which genus, family, and order are the human being belonging?

Human being s are placed in the genus Homo, family Homonidae and order primates, among mammals.

2. What does Australopethicus mean? And write the salient features of these pre humans.

Australopithecus means Southern apes. They were relatively short, with low forehead. Their brain capacity was equal to that of modren gorilla. They walked erect, hunted in groups and used pebbles and bones as tools.

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