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MICROBIAL DISEASES-10th Science Learning Cards



Learning Card-1

Choose the correct answer:

1. Joint pain is one of the symptoms of the disease.

a) Bird flu b) syphilis b) Chickungunya d) Hepatitis.

2. One of the following is a bacterial disease

a) Gonorrhoea b) Genital Herpes c) AIDS d) Dengue.

3. The organ infected by Hepatitis ‘B’ Virus is

a) Heart b) Kidney c) stomach d) liver

Answer the following questions

1. Which disease is caused by the mosquitoes Aedes aegiptil?


2. What does the person suffering from chikungunya complain of?

Complain of pain in joints for a long time

3. Name the bacterium responsible for the disease syphilis.

Bacterium – Trepnema pallidum

4. Which bacterium causes Gonorrhoea?

Bacterium – Neisseria gonorrhoeae

5. Name the virus which causes genital warts.

Human papilloma virum – HPV

6. Classify the following diseases according to the infection caused by virus and bacteria respectively.

a) Chickmungunya b) syphilis c) Avian flu d) gonorrhoea e) AIDS f) Hepatitis –B

Bacteria: Syphilis, Gonorrhea

Virus: chikungunya, AIDS, Hepatitis-B, Avial Flu

7. What does makonde mean? Name the virus which causes chickungunya

Makonde Means “that which bends up” – CHICK –V (Alpha virus) alpha (α) Virus.

8. What preventive methods do you follow for not spreading of chikungunya?

- Avoid stagnation of water so that mosquitoes are avoided.

- Spray insecticides to kill larvae of mosquitoes.

- Wear long sleeved and full length garment

- Use safe mosquito repellents and mosquito nets to prevent mosquito bite.

9. Write the symptoms of Avian Flu. How does it spread?

- Cough, diarrhoea, difficulty in breathing.

- Fever more than 38OC, head ache, muscle pain.

- Running nose and sore throat. The disease, spread simply by touching contaminated surfaces.

10. What measures do you take to prevent spreading of Avian flu?

- Avoid visiting bird markets of infected areas.

- People who work with birds should use protective clothing and breathing masks.

- Avoid using partially cooked and uncooked meat.

11. Expand AIDS which is the virus responsible for this infection?

-AIDS – Acquired lmmuno Deficiency Syndromke

-HIV – Immuno deficiency virus.

12. Write the modes of transmission of HIV

-Sexual contact with an infected blood.

-Transfusion of infected blood.

-Sharing of needles and syringes with an infected person.

-From an infected mother to the embryo through placenta.

13. Write the ways by which AIDS do not be spread.

AIDS do not spread

- By sharing food

- By bed linen, telephones, combs or towels.

- In swimming pools

- Travelling or by shaking hands or working with infected persons.

- By kissing or hugging infected persons

- From toilet seat

- By mosquitoes files and other insects.




Learning Card-2

Choose the correct answer:

1. The enzyme that helps to convert RNA into DNA in HIV virus is.

a) Anylase b) Pepsin c) Reverse transcrip tase enzyme d) invertase.

2. “Reduced platelet count in blood” is one of the symptoms of the disease.

a) Chickun gunya b) Dengue c) Bird fiu c) syphilis.

Answer the following questions.

1. To which species of mosquitoes does the virus chick v responsible for chickungunya belong to?

It belongs to the species “Aedes aegypti”

2. What symptoms does the person suffering from chickungunya show?

The person complains of pain in joints for a long time- a fever upto 400C followed by rashes on the trunk region, head-ache, conjunctives and slight photophobia.

3. How does chickungunya spread through aides egiptii?

Chickingunya spread through the mosquitoes which bneed in stageout water and when they bite in the morning and the late afternoon.

4. By what other familiar name is break bine fever called?


5. How to identify Aedes aggptii? The decoction prepared by which plant leaves is given to dengue patients to improve the number of platelets?

Aedes aegyptii are active active during day time & bite during day. They have white spots on the body and the leg region. The mosquits rests indoors in dark places & when it is outside, it vest in cool and shaded places. Young leaves of papaya are used to prepare the decoction.

6. How is syphilis transmitted?

Syphilis is transmitted through sexual contanct, from mother to foetus through placeuta or direct contact with infeeted blood.

7. From what problems does the patient attacked by syphilis suffer?

Suffers from ulcers which appear on the nose, palate and lower ley. Damage is caused to organs like the brain, nerves, eyes, heart, blood vessels, liver, bones and joints. Difficulty in co-ordinating muscular movements, paralysis, numbness, gradual blindness and dementia.

8. What symptoms are usually seen in men suffering from gonorrhea?

Symptoms in men are:- burning sensation with urination and discharge from genitls. Women show vaginal discharge and pelvic pain.

9. What problems does the virus HPV cause?

HPV cause genital warts, cervical cancer or aval Cancer.

10. Write the name of the virus by which Genital herpes is transmitted? Write the symptoms of this disease.

Herper simplex viruses type-1(HSV-1) and (HSV-2) transmit genital her per.

Symptoms: The appearance of one or more blisters on or around the genitals or rectum.

11. How does Hepatitis B spead? Name the vaccine given to prevent this infection.

Hepatitis-B is spread through sexual contact and drug abuse.

Temporarily presented by giving a vaccine called hepatitis B immune Globulin (HBIG)

12. Write the structure of HIV.

Structure labelled diagram.

13. How is HIV infected person described as?

HIV infected person is described as HIV+ve

14. While malaria is spread through mosquitoes, HIV does not spread by mosquito bites why?

Malarial parasites require certain species of mosquitoes to complete their life cycle (i,e a host) But HIV multiples only in lymphocytes and infection is acquired through contact with body fluids like semen, blood, vaginal fluids.

15. What 3As are to be practised to protect oneself from HIV infection?

1. Avoiding sex with multiple partners.

2. Abstaining from drug use and avoid using of other skin piercing instruments.

3. Avoiding contact with body fluids



Learning Card-3

Answer the following questions:

1. Write the symptoms shown by the person suffering from arthralgia or arthritis.

a fever up to 400 C.

· rashes on the trunk region and limbs.

· severe pain in multiple joints.

· head ache , conjunctivitis and photophobia.

2. Name the species of mosquito which is responsible for Dengue fever. Write the symptoms of Dengue.

· Aedes aegyptii

· Acute illness of sudden onset beginning with head ache, fever, exhaustion, severe muscle and joint pain, swollen glands, rashes, bleeding gums and redness in palms and soles.

3. Explain how Dengue fever infects humans?

1. Mosquito bites an infected man

2. Virus enters the mosquito body

3. Infected mosquito bites a healthy human

4. Human gets infected by Dengue

4. How does a papaya tree help Dengue patients?

A decoction prepared by using young leaves of papaya , noticeably increases the number of platelets.

5. Write the symptoms of syphilis. How do you prevent the transmission of this disease?

· Ulcers on the nose, palate and lower leg.

· Damages the brain, nerves, eyes, heart, blood vessels, liver, bones and joints.

· Paralysis, numbness, gradual blindness and dementia.

6. What is the best way of preventing Gonorrhea?

The best way is abstaining from sexual inter cause with multiple partness.

7. The symptoms of AID take years to appear. Why?

As and when a new DNA is formed by the HIV virus in the host cells , HIV gets adopted to the host body so well that the body cells fail to identify this virus as intruder. That is why the symptoms of AIDS take years to appear.

8. Is there medicine for AIDS? If not how do you create awareness in the society to “Beware of AIDS and be ware of AIDS”?

No medicine for AIDS.

Awareness is created in the society about AIDS by way of explaining the dangers to be faced. If one should avoid sex with multiple partners, drug abuse and contact with body fluids.

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