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Industrial Organic Chemistry-10th Science Learning Cards


Industrial Organic Chemistry

Learning Card-1

Choose the correct answer:

1. The vegetable contains more sucrose is

a) Radish b) Beetroot c) Potato d) Green leaves

2. The fermented matter of molasses is called.

a) Raw material b) Wort c) Bagasse d) Precipitate

3. Molecular formula of methanol is,,m

a) CH3OH b) C2H4(OH)2 c) C2H5OH d) HCHO


Question and Answers:

1. Write the molecular formula of sucrose


2. Name the preservative to prepare fruit jams?


3. Give an example for natural polymer.


4. Write the classification of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are classified as

1) Monosaccharides

2) disaccharide

3) Poly saccharides

5. What is bagasse? Mention its uses.

The Cellulose material of the sugar cane residue is called bagasse.

It is used as a fuel or as raw material to prepare cardboard.

6. How ethyl alcohol is manufactured from sugar?

Molasses is diluted with water and acidified by adding dilute sulfuric acid yeast is added to the solution and the container is closed. The temperature is maintained around 308k. Fermentation takes place in about a week. The fermented matter is called ‘wort’ and it contains about 6 to 10 percent alcohol. It is fractionally distilled to obtain 95% alcohol


7. Mention any two example of fermentation?

- Milk turning into curd

- The batter of idli and dose rising up

- The spoilage of cooked wet food items



Industrial Organic Chemistry

Learning Card-2

Choose the correct answer:

1. Sucrose is a type of

a) Mondsaccharide b) disaccharide c) Polysaccharide d) saccaride

2. Molasses is acidified by adding.

a) Conc HNO3 b) Dil H2SO4 c) Conc HCL d) Conc H2SO4

3. The molecular formula of ethanol is

a) CH3OH b) C2H4(OH)2 c) C2H5OH d) HCHO


Question and Answers:

1. How sucrose obtained?

Sugar cane or sugar beet is cut into pieces, crushed in a series of roller mills, maximum extraction of the juice is ensured. The juice is warmed and run into settling tanks. It is then decanted from the sediment and made alkaline with calcium hydroxide. The impurities get precipitated. The liquid is steamed to coagulate protein matter and allowed to settle. The clear juice is concentrated into a syrup by evaporation under reduced pressure. The syrup is cooled, to crystrallise the sugar. The crystals are dissolved in hot water and decolourised with animal charcoal or with coconut shell and then filtered. The filtrate is concentrated and evaporated under reduced pressure to get a syrup which is crystallised to get white crystals of sugar (sucrose)

2. What is caramel? Where is it used

When sugar is heated to about 473K. It forms a sticky to chew substance called ‘caramel.’ caramel is used to make hard boiled sugar candy, and to coat the chocolates.

3. What is fermentation? Give example.

Fermentation is a chemical decomposition produced by microorganisms on certain organic matters.

Examples : Milk turning into curds, the batter of idli,

4. Use of sugar is recommended more than jaggery why?

When compared to jaggery the shelf life if sugar is more. It can be stored easily in any climatic conditions.

5. Mention the four steps involved in manufacture of sugar.

i) Extraction of the juice from the source

ii) Purification of the juice.

iii) Concentration and crystallization

iv) Separation and drying of crystals.

6. How alcohol is used in Ayurveda?

In many Ayurveda tonics self-generated alcohol is present to a small extent. It stimulates and improves appetite

7. In which form do carbohydrates get assimilated in our body?


8. Why jaggery is preferred to sugar for daily use?

Jaggery is almost sucrose containing natural colouring matter and some minerals, so jaggery is preferred instead of sugar.



Industrial Organic Chemistry

Learning Card-3

Choose the correct answer:

1. The product formed when a pinch of sugar is strongly heated for fifteen minutes in a test tube.

a) Carbon and water b) Carbon Hydrogen and Oxygen

c) Carbon di oxide & water d) Carbon di oxide and Hydrogen vapor

2. The residue of sugar can from which the juice is extracted can be used to prepare.

a) Manace b) Card board c) alcohol d) building material

3. During evaporation of cleaned sugar cane juice, pressure surrounding it is reduced to

a) increase the boiling point b) maintain the boiling point to 373k

c) decrease the boiling point d) increase the size of sugar crystal

Question and Answers:

1. What is celotex?

The cellulose materials of sugar cane residue is used as raw material to prepare card board is called as celotex.

2. Sugar is used as preservative, Give reason.

Concentration of sugar does not undergoes fermentation so it is used as preservative.

3. What is molasses? Mention its use in industry.

During the extraction of sugar, the uncrystallised syrup is called molasses.

4. Write the balanced equation of molasses fermentation.


5. Which gas is evolved during fermentation?

Carbon-di-oxide is evolved in fermentation

6. Write three steps involved in fermentation.

a) Dilution of molasses by water

b) Addition of yeast

c) Distillation of fermented matter

7. What is wort? How much Alcohol is present in it? How it is enriched?

The fermented matter is called wort.

It contains 6 to 10 percent Alcohol

By fractional distillation enrich the percentage of Alcohol.

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