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The Peon Novelist - Class 10th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

 The Peon Novelist 

I.) Comprehension questions : Answer the following questions:

1.) Discuss Tupe’s contribution to the upliftment of the poor people of his own neighbourhood.

Answer: UttamTupe who has written several hundreds of short stories and 16 novels is known for his writing on the social issues. Through his writings he has insight into the plight of the poor and ignored people of the society. Through his writings, he has tried to bring a change in the society. He also believes in action and took many efforts for the better of the poor people. He arranged for Jagan, a devadasi to marry an educated village youth, thus rescuing her from prostitution. He has helped more than a dozen women get married without having to pay dowry, as well as getting three young widows remarried. In addition, Tupe has paid for the education of three poor girls. He is constantly after his mostly illiterate neighbours to send their children to school.

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