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At the Zoo Class - Class 10th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

 At the Zoo Class

Comprehension questions :

A.) Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each:

1.) What was each of the following doing at the zoo – the baby elephant, the young antelope, the giraffe?

Answer: The baby elephant was rocking though its chained legs, the young antelope was racing madly around. It leaped, sprang and turned round and round and faster.

2.) How was the grandpa elephant used for the enjoyment of children?
Answer: The grandpa elephant saddled and girthed with his trappings. The elephant was moving about with a cargo of excited children on its back.

3.) Make a list of the birds mentioned in the lesson.
Answer:  Cranes, storks, parrots, cockatoo and ducks.

4.) What are the things said about each of the animals?
Answer: The baby elephant was rocking. The mother elephant was looking sad. The grandpa
elephant was saddled and girthed with his trappings. A very young antelope was racing madly around. The deer were romping. There was a giraffe that towered high above the other animals. It was standing by a huge shed intended for its house and eating the leaves from a tall tree.

5.) Study the beginning and ending of this letter and say who is writing it and to whom. What words would you use at the beginning and end of the letter when you write to your father, your friend or a stranger?
Answer: The letter is written to Vishnu by his brother Gopi. Usually we use ‘Dear’ in the beginning of the informal letter. At the end of the informal letter we either write, yours affectionately or yours lovingly.

II.) Vocabulary work :

A.) Read the following names of animals and make a list of them in three categories as shown in the table below:

B.) Match the following animals with the places they are kept:

1.) giraffe        –           b. shelter

2.) tiger            –           c. den

3.) birds           –          d. cage

4.) dogs           –          c. kennel

5.) fish             –           a. net

III.) Language Activities:

Write the following in two ways:

1.) She bought new car.

Answer:  New car was bought by her

2.) Rakshith killed a snake.
Answer: A snake was killed by Rakshith.

3.) Sheela prepared food.
Answer: Food was prepared by Sheela.

4.) He posted a letter.
Answer: A letter was posted by him.

5.) She gave a nice speech.
Answer: A nice speech was given by her.

Combine the following sentences using the above examples:

1] The hunter took up the gun. He went to the forest.

Answer:  The hunter took up the gun and went to the forest.

2) There was no quorum. The meeting was postponed.
Answer:  There was no quorum so the meeting was postponed.

3) She will succeed. I expect it.
Answer: She will succeed and I expect it.

C.) Write a letter to a friend giving him an account of your visit to a market place or museum. Answer:
Dear Mith,

I hope you’re doing well. I want to tell you something exciting. Last week I visited to The Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad. It was such an amazing experience. It is the third largest museum in India and has many things that you’ll never forget. It has some awesome paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, clocks, furniture, etc from Japan, Nepal, Egypt, etc.
The museum also has a famous Quran collection. The museum has 20 galleries with wonderful things that make us wonder.
I suggest you to visit the museum some day. I guarantee you will have the best of your time and you’ll
have an experience never before.
Give my regards to your family. I hope to see you soon. Yours lovingly

D.) Write two paragraphs on any one of the following:

Dog is one of the best pets one can ever have. It is the most faithful animal. People trust dog for its faithfulness. It protects and keeps our homes safe. There are many breeds of dogs. They wag their tails when they are excited.
Dogs can sense danger. They bark when they are threatened. They are courageous and strong.

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