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A NIGHT IN JUNE - Class 7th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

A.) Comprehension:
I.) Answer the following questions:

1.) Where are the birds piping?
Answer: The birds are piping among the bushes and the trees.
2.) What fills the hollow of the sky?
Answer: The cuckoo’s sovereign cry fills the hollow of the sky.
3.) Name the birds that appear in the poem.

Answer: Cuckoo
4.) Write down the rhyming words in the poem.

Answer: Set- yet
Threes- trees
Thrushes- rushes- gushes
Cry- sky
B.) II. Match the following words with their actions.
a) water – gushes
b) cuckoo – cries
c) bird – pipes
d) wind – Rushes
C.) III.) Which line do you like the most in this poem? Why?

Answer:  The following lines appeals me the most-
And the cuckoo’s sovereign cry, Fills all the hollow of the sky!
The poet describes how in the silent night cuckoo’s cry fills the quiet night.
IV.) Describe a full moon night in four or five short sentences of your own.

Ans.The moon is beautiful and bright on a full moon night. It looks even brighter and shines brightly on full moon night.
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