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THE MISER - Class 8 First Language English Textbook Solutions


Shantini Govindan

I.) Answer in a sentence or two each :

1.) What was there in Surender’s hoard to call himself wealthy?
Answer: In Surender’s hoard there was three huge barns heaped high with gold and silver, rare diamonds and precious stones.
2.) What did he see in the market place one day?
Answer: One day he saw a man eating a Ladoo in the market place.
3.) How did he savour the thought of having a ladoo?
Answer: As the man started eating a ladoo, Surender’s mouth began to water and he was feeling the sweetness tickling his toungue.
4.) How did Surender’s longing for a ladoo make him suffer.?
Answer: Surender craving for a ladoo after going home. His leg grew weak and stomach started to rumble loudly and he began to drool.
5.) Why was Vandana happy when Surender asked for a ladoo?
Answer: Vandana was generous lady, she thought that if she make ladoo she will share with children, neighbours and servants.
6.) Why didn’t Vandana’s happiness last long?
Answer: Surender didn’t wanted to make more than one ladoo and share with his wife, children, neighbours and servants. According to him it is wastage of money.
7.) How many ladoos did Vandana finally make? Why?
Answer: Following the orders of Surender Vandana made only one ladoo for Surender.
8.) Who was witnessing the whole course of Surender’s miserliness?
Answer: The king of the gods and the ruler of the heaven, god known as Sakka was witnessing the incident.
9.) When did Sakka assume Surender’s own form and walk into his house?
Answer: When Surender was out for morning walk that time Sakka assumed Surender’s form and walked into his house.
10.) Why was Vandana astonished?
Answer: When Sakka assumed as Surender and declared that he is going to share his wealth then Surender’s wife Vandana astonished.
11.) What was the warning given by the make- believe Surender to the crowd at his barns?
Answer: The warning was to the crowd was do notafraid if an imposter who looked like Surender come to threaten and stops people, drive the imposter fearlessly.
12.) What was the real Surender’s complaint to his Majesty?
Answer: Real Surender complained to his Majesty that he is being robbed and looted of all his treasure by the people of the town and when he protested people started to chase him.
13.) Whom did the puzzled king request to decide on the two look alike Surenders?
Answer: The puzzled king requested Surender’s wife to decide on the two look alike Surenders.
14.) What was Vandana’s trial?
Answer: When the king was puzzled he told Vandana to decide which one is her husband then Vandana asked a question to the God Sakka and her husband Surender that, “Is it better to be generous to yourself, your family, your neighbours, friends and servants” it was her trial.
15.) How did Sakka convince Surender to mend his miserly ways?
Answer: Sakka said to Surender that due to his miserliness his own wife and children do not want him. Sakka also said to Surender that if he will have to be a lot more generous otherwise Sakka will be back for him.
16.) How did Vandana want to celebrate when the ordeal was over?
Answer: Vandana wanted to celebrate by making dozens of ladoos for family, children, neighbours, servants and friends.
II.) Answer the following questions in about fifty words each:
1.) Explain Surender’s miserliness.
Answer: Surender was wealthy man. He was having three huge barns heaped high with gold and silver, rare diamonds and precious stones. But he was very stingy, He was so stingy that he was loathe to spend any of his carefully hoarded treasure. He used to buy the dowdiest and the cheapest clothes for his children. For food, he stopped just short of starving his family. Many of the time they supped on gruel so more money could be saved.
2.) Why didn’t Surender ask his wife to make a ladoo?
Answer: Surender saw a man eating ladoo at market-place. Surender’s mouth began to water and the sweetness tickling his tongue. Surender thought he will tell his wife Vandana to make a ladoo but she would naturally make one for herself too, and one for each of their four children, and perhaps some for their servants and their friends too.
3.) How did Sakka, the King of the Gods teach a lesson to Surender?
Answer: While Surender was insisting his wife to make only one ladoo only for him and Sakka, the King of the Gods and Ruler of the Heavens was watching it all and he decided to teach him a lesson. Sakka assumed Surender and went to Surender’s home and told Vandana to distribute his wealth. Astonished Vandana opened the door and invited all the townsfolk to take what they wish. Sakka also told people not to afraid if an impostor who looks like Surender comes to threaten and stop them, drive him away. After this incident Surender goes to the King and ask for justice. King asked Vandana to choose her husband. Vandana choose generous Surender as her husband instead the real Surender and that time Sakka god came in his real appearance and tell Surender that due to his miserliness his wife and children are away from him and Sakka also convince Surender to be generous. Thus, Sakka, the King of the Gods teach a lesson to Surender.
4.) Describe Surender’s ordeal in the King’s palace.
Answer: Surender went to the king and complained that he is robbed by the people of the town and when he tried to stop them, they chased him. The king enquired that he had not given the order to throw open the barn doors, the king ordered to bring the person who ordered to throw open the barn doors. Sakka, Vandana and children appeared in the king’s court. Puzzled king asked Surender’s wife Vandana to identify her husband. Vandana asked both of the Surender one question that is it better to be generous to yourself, your family, your neighbours and friends or your servants and then Sakka replied that when you are generous then others also become generous and so everyone is happy and prosperous so it is better to be generous to yourself, your family and your neighbours and friends or your servants. And the same question asked by Vandana to Surender then Surender said that it is waste of precious wealth that can never be recovered. Then Vandana choose Sakka as real Surender. Real Surender cried to his wife and children then Sakka reverted in his original form and convinced Surender to stop being a miser.
III) Vocabulary :
Fill the missing letters to get the synonyms of the following :
1.) stone : pebble
2.) inactive : passive
3.) forgive : pardon
4.) suffering : painful
5.) location : place
6.) choose : prefer
7.) artist : painter
8.) couple : pair
9.) picture : photograph
10). strong : powerful.
Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success.

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