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Nest with Grand Parents - Class 7 Second Language English Textbook Solutions

 Nest with Grand Parents 

Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

Warm up Activity

Write the names of people in your family in the given blanks and complete the family tree.

Talk to your partner about the members in your family.
Now, complete the following sentence
I like my family because _________
Self – assessment
C1. Check your understanding:

Answer the following in a word, a phras or a sentence each:

Question 1.
Who removed Anjali’s things from her cupboard?
Answer: Anjali’s mother removed Anjali’s things from her cupboard.

Question 2.
Anjali’s parents expected _____ and ____ to live with them.
a. Dada and Chachaji
b. Dada and Dadi
c. Rita Bua and chachaji (choose the right one)
Answer: b. Dada and Dadi

Question 3.
Where is Anjali going to sleep when her room
Answer: Anjali was going to sleep on the couch in the hall after vacating her room.

Question 4.
Papa wanted all of them to live together as _____ .
a. nuclear family
b. a joint family
c. a migrated family, (choose the right answer)
Answer: b. a joint family

Question 5.
Where did Bua live?
Answer: Bua lived in Delhi.

Question 6.
Mention the activity Anjaii involved in when she was not bratty.
Answer: Dada and Dadi were so kind to her and they bought her a pretty T-shirt. Anjaii also adjusted with them. Her anger came down.

Question 7.
What made the family feel awkward with the arrival of the grandparents?
Answer: The grand parents woke up much before anyone else got up in the morning. This made them to feel awkward.
Question 8.
Pick out two examples from the eighth paragraph to show that the grandparents objected to their habits.
Answer: They objected to listening pop music and ice-creams. Because pop music was noise and eating ice-creams were hot good for health.

Question 9.
What did Anjali fed about the house?
Answer: Anjali felt that she had suddenly been imprisoned and the house looked too small.

Question 10.
Describe the changes that are mentioned in the eleventh paragraph.
Answer: Dadi prepared divine parathas, subji. mithai, pakoras, salads and pickles. She was fantastic cook. Anjali’s mother got more time to.spend with her daughter. Her household work and responsibility was also lessened. All were happy and felt sat is lied.
V1. Kinship terms:
My sister and brother are called my ‘siblings’
My father’s mother is my ‘paternal grand-mother’
1. My father’s father is my..? ‘Paternal grandfather’
2. My mother’s father is my ‘maternal grdndfather’
3. My moher’s mother is my..? maternal grandmother.
Now, look up the dictionary and write the meanings of the following relationship terms.
1. cousin: the son or daughter of an uncle or aunt.
2. nephew: the son of a brother or sister or the son of brother-in-law, sister-in-saw.
3. niece: the daughter of brother or sister or of a brother-in-law, sister-in-law.
4. aunt: Father’s or mother’s sister or uncle’s wife.
5. uncle: the brother of your father or mother or the husband of your father’s or mother’s sister.
V2. Complete the following paragraph with the kinship terms given in the box below.
aunts, siblings, grandparents, cousins, grandmother, grandfather.
Once I visited my grand parent’s house in a village along with my parents, brother and sister. There, all my uncles and aunts had come with their children. We ate delicious food prepared by my dear grandmother. My loving grandfather told us a lot of stories at night. I played with my siblings and cousins; and climbed trees in the huge garden. Oh, we really had a good time together!
V3. Rearrange the following jumbled letters to make meaningful words.

V4. With the help of the clues, complete the crossword puzzle.
Lines Across
1. a person who gets used to something
2. parent’s parents
3. very tired
4. parents and children
5. trouble somebody repeatedly
Lines Down
1. expression of feeling sorry
6. relating to God, heavenly
7. great anger
8. make place for something or someone
9. to go and live in another area
C2. Answer the following after you discuss the questions with your partner.

Question 1.
How different was the life-style of Anj ali from that of her grandparents?
Answer: Anjali’s life-style was just contrasted to her grandparents. They lived in a little village and led a very simple life. Their way of thinking is completely changing. But Anjali’s life was modem style. Her taste of food, clothes etc, all are different.
Question 2.
Describe how Anjali behaved with her grandparents in the beginning.
Answer: She was the only child of her parents. She was never ready to share her things with others. So she was disturbed and behaved rudely. She would not talk much and pretended to be immersed in watching her favorite program on T. V. But she did not complain directly since she was afraid of her father.

Question 3.
What changes were seen after the grandparents started living with them?
Answer: In the beginning, there was little bit clumsy because their ways were different. After some days the grandparents and Anjali both were adjusted. Anjali’s angel came down. Dada PC Honest Success Series helped Anjali with her projects and helped in Math syllabus. He read the news headlines to her. Dadimade divine recipes. Both were kind towards Anjali. Anjali’s mother was also satisfied She was so much relaxed, and had more time for her daughter.’
C3. Discuss and answer:

Question 1.
Why did Anj ali behave rudely with her grandparents?
Answer: discuss the questions with your partner. How different was the life-style of As a single and lonely child of her parents, she led an independent and carefree life. She was not ready to share her things with others. When grandparents came to her home, she felt uncomfortable and confined. To show her disagreement she behaved rudely with her grandparents.

Question 2.
If you were in the place of Anjali, how would you have reacted?
Answer: Self-assessment.

Question 3.
Explain the reasons for the change in Anj ali by the end of the story.
1. As days passed Dadi stopped commenting on her clothes and even bought her pretty T. Shirt.
2. The T.V. Schedule was divided.
3. Dada helped her in her projects and helped in Mala.
4. He got her the habit of reading newspaper He would read the headlens to her while standing along with her waiting for her school bus.
5. Dadi made nice and tasty food.
6. Her mother had time to care for Anjali when her grandparents wanted to go to Delhi she was happy. But after a few days she was lonely and see the silly T.V. Prog. The noise and bustle of one happy family fade an in to silence and she felt the house suddenly looked too big.
G1. Write as many differences as you can see in these two rooms. Use the words given in the box to write your sentences.
One is done for you.
in, on, under, near, inside, outside, between, at, above, below
The words given in the box show the position of an object. Such words are called ‘prepositions’. Some more prepositions are, ‘of, to, from, against, with, during, for’.
G2. Underline the prepositions in the following passage.
Anju had enjoyed having a room of her own in the past. She hadn’t shared her room with anyone else. But now her grandparents were expected to come from their village to stay with Anju and her parents. Anju’s father wanted his old parents to be near him so that he could take care of them. Her room was given to her grandparents to make them comfortable during their stay. This was against her desire. But after some days, Anju began to enjoy the company of her loving grandparents in her house.

G3. Complete the following paragraph from Pradhan’s diary using suitable prepositions given in the box.
One is done for you.
in, of, from, to, with, near, on, for
My summer vacation has begun. I’m now in my grand parent’s house. I love to visit them whenever I get holidays. I simply enjoy being with them. They are very fond of me and my didi Shiela. Early m the morning I go to swimming with my dear uncle Sham and my cousins.
My grandmother makes delicious food for us and tells us a lot of stories. My grandfather takes us for long walks in the evenings. Sometimes we go shopping together on his scooter. He buys whatever we want from the shop, which is near the house. He tells us a lot of jokes. We all are very fond of our grandparents and pray for their long life and good health.
Nest with Grand Parents Summary In English
The ‘Nest with Grand Parents was the prose written by Lalitha Sridhar. Here the author describes the advantage and disadvantages of the nuclear family and Joint family. In the story, Anjali and her parents lived in the city i.e., Nuclear family. She was the only child and her father and mother, both were working. Her Dada and Dadi came to her house to live with them. She had to share her room and her routine was changed. After some days she adjusted to that life. Dada helped her in project work and Maths subjects. Dadi prepared delicious food. Grandparents show more love and affection to her. In the beginning, she was annoyed with her grandparents. She was not ready to share her things. She was disturbed. But after some days all went well. Some days later her grandparents wished to visit her bua’s house. At that moment she was excited that she gets back her room After her grandparents went, their house was again nuclear family. There was no one to take care of her or loved her except her parents. But her parents were so busy with their work. Her happiness vanished. After some days, the phone rang, Anjali picked it and asked her Dada-Dadi, “When are you coming back?” This shows that the joint family is good for children’s healthy growth.

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